Microsoft Windows users can no longer search online for driver updates in Device Manager after Microsoft removed the option in a recent update for Windows 10.

Previously, Windows 10 Device Manager offered two options: ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ and ‘Browse my computer for driver software’. The first option looked for drivers on the internet – such as on hardware manufacture’s website as well as on user computer. if user found the what he needed . Windows could then download and install it on your machine. User can still choose the ‘Search automatically for drivers ‘ option, but it will now only look for drivers on your computer, not the internet.

To search the web for drivers, user will now need to open Windows Update page by opening Settings (Shortcut: Windows Key + I), then clicking on ‘Update & Security’ followed by Windows Update on the left. Next, click on ‘View Optional Updates’, then ‘Driver Updates’. On the Screen user can see drivers listed with the manufacturers name, driver classification and version number.

Microsoft made the change in Build 19041.423 of  Windows 10, released on 31 July. It’s part of Microsoft’s long term aim of simplifying Windows 10 so more commands are available only from the Settings section. The update also fixed several problems, including Excel crashing when the Magnifier
stops working, and the Settings page closing unexpectedly.

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