Setting Up Your Home Wi-Fi Network: A Complete Guide to Broadband Installation

Setting Up Your Home Wi-Fi Network Setting up your home Wi-Fi network installation might seem hard, especially when moving or getting a new internet provider. But don't worry! You'll be online in no time with the right advice and tools. This guide will help you whether you're starting a new broadband service, adding fibre broadband, or just setting up Wi-Fi. We'll guide you through picking [...]

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Why Easy Access to IT Support is Critical for Your Business Success

Why Easy Access to IT Support is Critical for Your Business Success Information technology is the backbone of nearly every business today. From internal operations to customer-facing services, companies rely on IT infrastructure like servers, networks, computers, software, cloud platforms, and more to conduct daily activities. Even minor issues can quickly spiral into costly downtime and disruptions without proper [...]

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What is Smishing? How Can I Protect Myself from Smishing Attacks?

What is Smishing? How Can I Protect Myself from Smishing Attacks Smishing, or SMS phishing, refers to phishing attempts made through text messages. It is a form of social engineering where scammers try to trick mobile phone users into giving up sensitive information or installing malware. The term "smishing" comes from combining "SMS" and "phishing." Unlike email [...]

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What are multi-factor authenticators, and how do we use them?

What are multi-factor authenticators, and how do we use them? Authenticators are additional forms of authentication beyond just a username and password. They provide an extra layer of security by requiring the user to prove their identity through something they have or are. Some common examples of authenticators include: One-time passwords (OTPs) are randomly generated codes sent [...]

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8 Best Practices to Protect Your Company Data When Employees Leave

What Is Data Protection and Why Is It Important?Before discussing the best practices of employee offboarding, it is important to understand data protection and why it is crucial for businesses. Data protection for small businesses involves safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorised access or disclosure. This is particularly relevant during employee offboarding, as an employee leaving can lead to the loss [...]

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Why Does My Computer Keep Freezing?

Are you tired of dealing with a computer that keeps freezing up? You're not alone! It's one of the most common problems users experience and can be incredibly frustrating. This article will help you understand why your computer keeps freezing, and offer advice on how to fix the issue. Do you ever feel like your computer is stuck in [...]

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5 Benefits Of Remote Computer Repair And Support

Remote computer support is a modern alternative to traditional, in-person tech assistance. Instead of taking your PC into the shop or sending an onsite technician (and incurring high fees), you can now use remote desktop repair and maintenance from companies like ours. Remote support gives you the freedom to fix your computer from anywhere in the world. It’s ideal [...]

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What you need to know about your Windows Product Licensing

The Windows Product Key is a unique string of 25 letters and numbers used to identify your copy of Windows. The product key is also needed each time you reinstall the operating system or make other significant changes to your computer. Unfortunately, unless you have access to the original packaging, it’s difficult to know your Windows Product Key if [...]

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What is Passwordless Authentication: Is it 100% safe?

Passwordless authentication is the next frontier in cybersecurity. With more and more personal information being stored online, it's imperative that we come up with new ways to keep this data safe. When passwords are used for authentication, there is a risk of personal information being stolen by hackers. Passwordless authentication allows a user to gain access to an application, [...]

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Phishing scams: How to identify phishing scams

Phishing scams: Identifying and fighting the scam Although it can be difficult to identify a scam email at first glance, its impacts of them are easy to imagine. The scammers will usually target banking, retail, and healthcare institutions. These attacks could either steal your login information or your personal information data like name, address, phone number etc. You [...]

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