Get your new device set up and running in no time.

Setting up a new device can be a trying experience with all the instructions to read and understand. That is where our expert team comes in! We will take the time to help set up your new device in no time, saving you both frustration and valuable time!

We can also provide advice and recommendations on which computer or peripheral is best suited to your requirements. We always explain things in an easy-to-understand way, so you have the information you need when deciding what to buy. Then, after reviewing your computer usage and budget, we’ll give you quotes and advice accordingly before ordering anything on your behalf. When you buy from us, you save money and time because of our relationships with local retail stores; we also pass the savings onto our customers!

Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Set up Apple iMacs, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini models (Data Migration from old to new)

  • Set up Windows-based computers

  • Setup Multi-monitor

  • Set up and configure phones, tablets, Xbox, Play Stations, and cameras.

  • Download and install fresh drivers, software, and mobile applications.

  • Provide advice before purchasing device.

  • Transfer or clone old hard drive data to a new hard drive or SSD.

  • Provide Complete training to familiarise you with your new device.

Please get in touch with us if you need help setting up new devices or installing a security application or Microsoft Office. Our team can assist with the installation process and answer any questions or concerns.