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Cloud Backup Solution for Small Businesses

We all know that keeping your data safe is essential. And when you’re a business, it’s even more critical. A cloud data backup is an excellent option for any business.

With this service, you can always retrieve your files if anything happens to your device. Backing up your data to the Cloud has many advantages: It removes the need for expensive equipment and eliminates ongoing maintenance costs. It also simplifies switching providers in case you switch from one to another.

And since physical drives can be lost, stolen or damaged—or even corrupted—an online backup solution provides an extra layer of protection so you don’t have to worry about how your business will recover if one happens. In addition, data becomes protected by multiple redundant backups and is typically stored in different locations so that no one can bring down all your cloud backups with just one attack.

Verge Tech Solutions offers a complete cloud backup solution that is simple, easy, and cost-effective for businesses looking to migrate to the cloud. In addition, our engineers can help you move your data to the cloud to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Cloud Data Backup and Recovery Solution - Verge Tech Solutions

Our engineers can help you with:

  • NAS (Network-attached storage) Hybrid cloud backup solution

  • Back up office computers to Secure Cloud Storage

  • Backup of Microsoft Exchange & Outlook emails in the cloud

  • Acronis Cyber Protect for Business installation (Ransomeware protected Backup)

  • Setting up a version control system and data retention policy on the cloud

Our cloud services offer the following features:

  • Designed specifically for your business, bespoke solutions

  • You can scale your service as needed (no need to buy new hardware)

  • Affordable and cost-effective method to protect your data

  • Access your data from any location with an Internet connection


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