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Looking for fast and affordable Same-Day Desktop Computer repairs in London and the surrounding areas? Look no further! Our team of skilled technicians can fix most computer problems with ease, and we guarantee that we will get the job done right the first time. We understand that your computer is essential to your daily life, and that’s why we offer quick and reliable repair services with just a single visit to your home or business.

Our friendly technicians are equipped to handle any hardware or software issue, and we will get your computer up and running like new in no time. But our services don’t stop there. In addition to computer repair, we can help you with most of the common problems you might encounter with your computer setup. We can troubleshoot issues with your operating system, clean up your hard drive from bloatware, optimise your system for better performance, and more. We also offer data backup solutions to ensure that your important files are safe and secure.

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PC Won’t Turn On (Dead Computer)

Dead Computer - PC won't boot

Your computer could be working ideally one minute and suddenly have a complete shutdown the next. In these instances, it’s often because one of the hardware components has failed. However, don’t panic! When your computer does not turn on after a sudden shutdown, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay off for good. There are many reasons why computers suddenly shut down, so it’s important to know that your hard drive’s critical files and other documents are still waiting to be accessed.

Windows Startup Failure (BSOD)

Windows won't boot - Windows Startup Failure (BSOD)

It can be frustrating when your windows won’t boot, especially when you’re trying to get work done or working on a project due tomorrow. Sometimes a system misconfiguration or a corrupted DLL will cause your computer not to power up no matter what you try because the settings and data under the hood aren’t correct. Other times, an error message might show up on your screen during startup, telling you Windows didn’t start properly (aka Blue Screen of Death/BSOD). In the event that your hard drive fails or your windows fail, our technicians can help troubleshoot the problem on the spot and restore your PC to running like nothing ever happened.

Computer Freezing, Restart & Other Issues

Computer Freezes And Restarts

It’s always frustrating when your computer crashes, or the hardware stops functioning. Computer freezing and restarting can be caused by various problems. In some cases, the system is unstable or freezes due to malfunctioned hardware, corrupted software, bad drivers, or Windows Update issues, or it could be infected with a virus, trojan, or adware. Whether it is a hardware or software issue, our experienced technicians can quickly test and fix your computer at your home or office.

My computer Is Running Slow or sluggish

My computer is running slow

People sometimes report that their PC is running slow. This can be the result of poor system performance or a multitude of other factors relating to the computer’s hardware performance. Slow response time while browsing the internet, too many background applications running, or the system not fully shutting down after shutting it off are all possible causes for slow performance.

If your computer is sluggish or running slow, we can help you speed up your PC by upgrading your hardware, removing junk files, or performing general PC cleanup. We can also install antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses and malware.

Computer Mouse or Keyboard isn’t working

Mouse Keyboard isn't working

Minor problems can arise with peripherals, whether it’s the mouse or keyboard. One of the most common causes of this is a driver issue. You may want to try connecting your device to another USB port and see if that fixes it. However, in some cases, the problem can be with faulty hardware.

If you are unable to make your peripherals work with the computer, please contact us right away; we are here to help solve any hardware issues that you may be experiencing.

No display on the monitor

Monitor no Display!

When your computer monitor is displaying an error message or nothing at all, the issue could be caused by a problem with the cable or hardware. You can try unplugging and then plugging the cable back in to see if it fixes the issue. If you’re still experiencing an issue, please contact our team of experts for further diagnosis.

Boot device not found/  Hard drive not detecting

Boot Drive not found hard drive not detecting

If you are experiencing issues with your device not booting or your computer not detecting the hard drive, there are a few reasons that your device might not be booting or your computer might not be detecting the hard drive. One of the most common reasons is a loose connection to the hard drive. This could be as simple as a wire being unplugged or it could be more serious, such as an issue with the hard drive. Please contact our team of experts for further diagnosis and repair.

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