Affordable Computer Network Services for London and the Suburbs

As a business, you’ll need an efficient and secure network infrastructure to maximize productivity and minimize the possibility of a breach. Verge Tech Solutions can provide you with the best affordable computer network services on the market today.

We offer a wide range of services, including installation and maintenance, as well as affordable and reliable wireless, Ethernet and computer networking solutions for residential or business use. Our friendly technicians will also be able to assess your current setup and plan accordingly to implement any necessary changes. This will allow us to provide you with the technical expertise you need!

Our computer network services for businesses

  • Design and Configure Office Network

  • Wireless router & wireless Access point installation.

  • Guest network Hotspot & Portal setup

  • Network Switches Installation and Configuration

  • Office Network Cabling

  • Sharing of local files and printers

  • Network Security Monitoring

  • Ethernet cable installation, Wall Jacks, and Patch Paneling

  • Network Rack installation

  • Dreytek, Synology, Fortinet Firewall

  • VPN Setup – (Site-to-Site)

  • VOIP (Vonage, Poly) Office Phone Setup

  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) Setup

  • Identifying and resolving network issues

  • Shared Network Printer Setup
  • Access Point installation and WiFi Speed optimisation
  • Data backup to Cloud or NAS

  • Access Point and Powerline Booster
  • Remote working, Remote access through VPN

Furthermore, we resolve many network connectivity problems, such as issues with wired and wireless networks, as well as issues with ADSL routers and wireless extenders.

We are dedicated to helping small businesses get their networks up and running.. So you can be confident in our knowledge, experience and capabilities when it comes to finding exactly what you need. From consultations to installation and service plans—we’re here to provide you with complete IT support with no contracts required!

Need assistance with computer support?? Contact us today!