Remote Desktop Support for Residential and Small Businesses

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Simplify Your Life with Fast, Secure and Reliable Remote Desktop Support Services

Experiencing computer problems can be a significant inconvenience and even an emergency. That’s why we offer remote desktop services that are fast, secure, and available no matter where you are. With a stable internet connection, our team can assist you with various computer issues, including diagnosing problems, software training and updates, and application installations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for long-term remote IT support for your business.

Effortless and Intuitive Remote Support Software

Our Remote Desktop Support service is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. With this service, our technicians can assist you in getting your computer up and running. By installing a small software on your computer, we can view your screen and operate your keyboard and mouse from our office. This lets you relax while we work to minimise downtime and save you precious time and money.

Scheduling Your Remote Desktop Support Appointment is a Breeze

When you’re ready for remote IT support, scheduling an appointment is as easy as clicking the link provided below. Simply follow the instructions to set up a remote desktop support session with one of our skilled technicians. With our expert guidance, you can resolve technical issues and get back to focusing on what matters most: your business.

Book a Remote Support Appointment

Remote Desktop Support Limitations

To provide a high standard of service to our clients, we can offer quick and effective remote support with technical issues. However, in some cases, this method cannot resolve the problem; if that is the case, you may need an onsite technician to attend to your premises.

Remote support is brilliant because it provides a quick and easy way to help our customers with technical issues without waiting for an onsite technician to arrive. It also means we can keep our prices down, as we don’t have to pay for the time an onsite technician would spend travelling to and from your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your remote support secure?2022-08-08T00:13:06+01:00

Yes! We use 256-bit encryption to ensure that your remote support sessions are secure. During our conversations, you will be able to see the actions we take on your screen and we will answer all of the questions that come up during the process.

What are the minimum requirements?2022-02-17T23:18:23+00:00

Your computer needs to be able to turn on, and you need an internet connection. Faster connections will allow you to work more efficiently and save money. We only work remotely on Windows and Mac OS.

How does Remote Desktop Support work?2022-06-28T21:57:34+01:00

We use TeamViewer and AnyDesk software to securely connect to your computer. When advised by our technicians, download and run the program for your operating system. It will generate a unique user ID and password, which you can see on the screen. Please provide this information to our support technicians so they may remotely connect to your computer.

Can you help me with my Home computer?2022-08-08T00:48:10+01:00

Yes, we can help you fix your computer. We’ll access it remotely and identify the problem so that we may work towards a solution. To determine whether the issue is caused by software or hardware, please call our support staff and provide as much information about what’s going on with your computer.

Do you offer remote support for both Windows and Mac?2022-08-08T00:21:41+01:00

Yes, we provide remote desktop support for all Windows-based computers, such as PCs and laptops. We also offer support for Apple Macs—iMacs & MacBooks —so you’re never left in the lurch while your computer is down.

My computer may be infected by a virus. Can you help?2022-08-08T00:34:13+01:00

Yes, we can help you remotely remove malware and viruses or any unwanted programs from your computer. We will accomplish this remotely and provide a strategy for you to follow to restore your computer’s functionality. Additionally, We will also guide you on how to protect your computer from such threats in the future.

How much do you charge for remote support?2022-08-08T00:00:58+01:00

We charge £50 per hour, with a minimum of 1 hour. We also offer discounts for block bookings and have some cost-effective packages available too.

Depending on the severity of the issue, most issues can be fixed within an hour. If a more extensive problem is found, we will notify you and give you an idea of how much time it will take to fix it. Do I have to pay upfront? To begin a remote support session, we require payment first. We accept Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards.

How to Download Remote Support Software

To download our remote support tool, simply click on the Windows or Mac Download button below. Your download will start automatically. The appearance of the download may differ depending on your web browser. If you are unable to find your download, we can guide you over the phone. Please ensure that you schedule your remote support appointment prior to running the remote support software.

TeamViewer For Windows

TeamViewer for Windows

TeamViewer for MAC OSx

TeamViewer for MAC OSx

AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk for MAC OSx

AnyDesk for MAC OSx

At Verge Tech Solutions, we offer exceptional remote computer support services during business hours, and our team will work around your busy schedule to ensure that you receive the necessary assistance. Don’t hesitate any longer – contact us at 0203 488 0336 or chat with our engineers today.


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