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If you are starting a business or have one without company-wide email, We can Help!

We can set up your company’s email to work with your business website or utilise an email service like Gmail, Microsoft Exchange Online and Zoho Mail. We will explain your options and help you decide which service will serve you best. We will also set up everything for you. And not only will email accounts for all your employees, but We will also ensure your system is safe from viruses and show you how to use your email client to maximise communication and productivity.

We recommend Office 365 Solution. Because you need 100% access and control over every aspect of your business, 24/7, from any device and location. Office 365 gives you cloud-powered connection, collaboration and control. In addition, it gives small businesses the same product suite usually reserved for large organisations.

Business Email Setup & Support.

We can help with the following email issues:

  • Set up a new or existing email account in Office Outlook.

  • Using Office Outlook to configure multiple email accounts.

  • Backup and Recover old email archives.

  • Fixing Outlook PST errors.

  • Recovering lost or deleted emails.

  • Switching POP3 to IMAP Protocol.

  • Migrating email accounts to a new PC.

  • Assist in switching from Thunderbird Bird to Outlook Client.

Business email Setup features include:

  • Each employee has a custom email address and separate inbox.

  • New email accounts can be added as your business grows.

  • All emails are stored in the cloud for maximum security and backup purposes.

  • Work from anywhere – flexible for your business.

  • Save money as there is no need for an onsite email server (all emails are stored online).

  • Configure mobile devices, tablets, and iPads for emails.

If your email issue isn’t listed above, Don’t worry. Give us a call and we can have a chat about the problem you are experiencing. Chances are, we’ve seen it before and know the correct method to fix it quickly and securely.


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